Stop North East Link Alliance

Join the Climate Change Rally

Transport emissions, including from trucks and passenger vehicles, contribute significantly to global warming and climate change. Join Stop North East Link Alliance members at the Climate Change Rally at the State Library, 1:00pm., Saturday 30 July.

The North East Link project, if built will:

-widen the Eastern Freeway to 20 lanes;
-will make a significant contribution to global warming and climate change;
-destroy more than 26,000 mature trees (including about 180 large native trees, which are greater than 80 centimetres in diameter;
-reduce the habitat of the endangered species the Powerful Owl and the Swift Parrot;
-increase noise above mandated standards in neighbourhoods close to the North East Link and Eastern Freeway;
-destroy homes, businesses, parkland and sporting venues; and
-cost over $18 Billion, which could be spent on public transport infrastructure and services.

If the North East Link is built it will be very difficult to stop the building of the equally destructive East West Link.