#StopNorthEastLink Alliance

We live, work and play on the land of the Wurundjeri people – land which was stolen from them, and to which they have never ceded sovereignty. We pay our respects to their rights, traditions and elders past, present and emerging.

The Andrews Government’s North East Link is a deeply flawed transport project.

It would result in much greater car dependency in Melbourne, and especially in northern and eastern suburbs.

It is based on a transport model that is 50 years out of date: from times when Los Angeles freeways were considered the model for the future in Victoria. It is in fact a relic from the past.

In addition to generating more traffic which would further congest arterial and local roads in northern and eastern suburbs, the North East Link would:

• Intensify road noise in residential areas;
• Increase air pollution;
• Compromise residential amenity for thousands of householders, and thereby reduce residential real estate values;
• Destroy vegetated open space, including thousands of mature canopy trees.

The serial neglect by successive Victorian governments means that public transport in these areas is not fit for purpose.

Our campaign focuses squarely on the Victorian Government. Please sign the petition and join the alliance to stop North East Link. See:

Tree chop underestimated by 80 per cent on North East Link. See:
North East Link construction resulted in much greater loss of tree canopy than originally estimated by planners (theage.com.au)

XR Manningham has joined the campaign to Stop the North East Link. See:
The North East Link Project – An Ecological Disaster and a Climate Bomb | XR Manningham

William McDougall is an experienced transport planner and engineer who has worked on many major transport projects and strategies in Victoria, interstate and off-shore. He appeared as an expert witness at the NELP Advisory Committee for the combined councils, Banyule, Boroondara and Whitehorse. See:
Analysis of the North East Link Project

The is nothing smart about the 901 SmartBus to Melbourne Airport. See:

The Boroondara Council is allowing the State Government to move the Boroondara Tennis Courts to Glen Waverley for the North East Link. See: https://stopnortheastlink.net.au/372-2/

The Victorian Government’s Bulleen Park and Ride: A Transport No-No and Destructive of the neighbourhood. See: https://stopnortheastlink.net.au/365-2/