Stop North East Link Alliance

Climate Crisis

The Guardian recently reported that over 200 health journals from around the world are calling on politicians to take urgent and immediate action to keep global temperature increases below 1.5C.

This is vital to protect our health and to halt the destruction of nature from the consequences of the climate crisis. They add, that our health and the devastation to nature is already happening.

It is at this time that our governments, both federal and state are investing tax payer money in freeways rather than public transport.

Research shows that cars and heavy duty trucks cause about 25% of air pollution. Emissions from cars and trucks increase the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which are the cause of the climate crisis.

Every year more greenhouse gases than previously are released. This will create a world that sees more extreme heat and cold, more floods and droughts and much more suffering.

To reduce this pollution would be a significant contribution towards keeping temperature increases below the 1.5C scientists and health professionals are calling for. Therefore we need to scrap the NE Link, which will greatly increase air pollution and instead invest in efficient, frequent and inexpensive public transport and into bicycle and walking paths.


The North East Link, costing upwards of $18 Billion, will destroy homes, businesses, parkland, sporting venues and 26,000 trees (including a 550 year old River Red Gum), induce more polluting motor vehicles, and add toxic and greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. It will make a significant contribution to global warming and climate change.