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More kangaroo rescues at Yallambie

On Friday 30 December volunteer veterinarians were again called to Yallambie to rescue displaced Eastern Grey kangaroos. The area has witnessed the displacement of many kangaroos since the commencement of land clearing and other works associated with the Victorian Government’s North East Link Project.

The most recent volunteer rescue of kangaroos at Yallambie.

On this occasion, three kangaroos were reported trapped on the site of the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPNSA) in Lower Plenty Road. Luckily on this occasion the three kangaroos were able to be translocated to another site by the volunteer veterinarians.

This is the latest episode to underline the failure of the “responsible” Victorian Government agency, the Department of Energy, Water and Land Planning, to protect native animals which are under threat from a government sponsored project.

17 January 2023