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The Victorian Government’s “Green Roof” Park and Ride is now revealed

Victoria’s “first green roof park and ride” which the Minister for Transport Infrastructure, Jacinta Allan announced in October 2022 is near completion.

At an estimated cost of $69 million, it absorbs all of the parkland west of Kampman Street at the intersection with Thompson’s Road in Bulleen.

The Kampman Street park in January 2021.
The same location in April 2023. Local residents may now peer at a green perspex screen which shields the view of what once was parkland.

It is nevertheless true that there is some grass atop the “green roof” park and ride, but a mere handkerchief relative to what was there before. It is no surprise, though. No less than 35,000 cubic metres of soil has been removed to make way for the concrete structure that is the Bulleen park and ride.

The Victorian government’s green roofed park and ride in April 2023.

Most significantly, the Victorian government’s Bulleen park and ride is also a boondoggle from a transport planning perspective. It will attract more traffic to a very congested section of the road network adjacent to the Eastern Freeway, and for little benefit. The money should have been spent upgrading route bus services in the City of Manningham and beyond so that more people could more conveniently catch public transport closer to where they live.

Published 17/5/2023.