Stop North East Link Alliance

Land Use

The letter to The Eastsider (October Edition) explains the destructive effects of large roads (including the North East Link) on parklands, wild life, global warming, human health and the environment generally.

Dear Editors,

A recent emailed newsletter from state Labour politician Shaun Leane MP shows the hypocrisy of the Andrews government in relation to the protection of our parkland and the challenges facing humanity in addressing the climate catastrophe and limiting greenhouse gases.

Mr Leane’s newsletter referred to the permanent protection as parkland of the old Healesville Freeway reservation which Vic Roads ‘graciously’ abandoned many years ago. Mr Leane refers to 35 hectares of ‘undeveloped’ land sitting ‘idle’ between Forest Hill, Vermont and Vermont South.

Far from the land sitting idle it has been used by the community for passive recreation for several years.  Residents of these suburbs are fortunate the land was not handed to the North East Link Project or it would almost certainly have been turned into another mega freeway quite possibly all the way to Healesville.        

I note the irony of providing protection for existing parkland originally intended for an unnecessary freeway and destroying trees and parkland in another part of the north eastern suburbs to build yet another unnecessary freeway – the NE Link. 

It is a pity that the same protection of parkland, green space and trees cannot be provided to the residents along the route of NE Link and the Eastern Freeway.  Here we have the Andrews government actively destroying parkland and trees including burying Koonung and Banyule Creeks in underground pipes. 

How does this comply with the Andrews government’s climate change policies where existing carbon sinks are destroyed?  What about the destruction of wildlife habitat which will occur?  What about all of the other issues which will clearly result from this construction disaster such as increased air and noise pollution, increased climate changing emissions from all of the extra vehicles encouraged to use the freeway, the division of communities and social infrastructure, and massively increased traffic on Eastern Freeway feeder roads such as Blackburn, Springvale, Middleborough, Elgar and Tram roads plus those along the NE Link route?  Thank you.

Yours faithfully, John Young.