In Loving Memory of Our Trees

Our beloved home to wildlife for millennia.

Please join us at 10:00 am, Saturday 19 November at Mount Street, Heidelberg for a funeral procession to mourn the loss of our precious open space, and voice your opposition to the proposed separation of our communities to make way for roads.

Funeral Procession Details

10:00am Muster Pt1 at Mount St, Heidelberg (Near Heidelberg Station)

  1. Procession travels down Burgundy Street.
  2. Cars collect walkers in front of Warringal SC.
  3. Our funeral cortege slowly makes its way North up Rosanna Road to Watsonia Station Carpark.

11.00am – Muster Point 2 the Watsonia Library Carpark (Near Watsonia Station)

4. Walk to the Watsonia Library Carpark.
5. We march along Watsonia Road and back to the gathering space outside the Watsonia library..

11:30am – Speeches from dignitaries and residents.

Approx 12.15 Funeral Ceremony Concludes.

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