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How safe is it for kids and adults to play sport here?

North East Link Air Pollution & School-Kids Health

The North East Link Project (NELP) Environmental Effects Statement (EES) shows that many PM2.5 air pollution breaches of limits will occur with NELP (See Figure 10-8). The EES modelled air pollution location close to 3 colleges sporting fields, Veneto Soccer, Bulleen Sports Oval, Belle Vue Primary School and Freeway Golf Course.

Question being, how safe is it for kids and adults to play sport here when?:

  • Many yearly PM2.5 air pollution breaches of daily limits will occur from the 280,000 vehicle per day on the Eastern Freeway with NELP. NONE are allowed;
  • NELP is taking 14,000 trucks off local roads and dumping their pollution outside Marcellin College and 3 other schools. Diesel fuel is the main cause of PM2.5 pollution;
  • The EES states that PM2.5 will increase by 136% with NELP. Nitrogen Dioxide will increase by 85%. The World Health Organisation states that the only safe level of PM2.5 is ZERO;
  • Add to this, the south tunnel portal vent stack is unfiltered;
  • The Environment Protection Authority has confirmed that it has no ‘Statutory Powers’ to enforce air pollution regulatory compliance or intervention action for NELP. So, who is responsible?
  • The EES states that ‘heavy commercial vehicles’ numbers will increase on Greensborough Rd, Middleborough Rd, M80 Ring Road, Grimshaw St, Keon Parade, Dalton Rd and Eastern Freeway resulting in ‘decreased air quality’.

Note that:

Approximately 11,000 Australians die each year from motor vehicles air pollution (see ‘The hidden road toll: Pollution‘, Patrick Hatch, The Age, 24/2/2023).

Health experts estimate that approximately 70,000 children contract asthma each year in Australia. Cleaner technology will not solve the problem. Diesel trucks are the main cause of the PM2.5 problem.