Behind the North Balwyn Wall

The North East Link Project is walling off much of the Koonung Creek Linear Park from public view.

We went behind the fence to record some of what the North East Link Project has started to trash and to convert into extra and unnecessary road lanes.

We observed past efforts to maintain the natural environment. A decade ago, a stand of wallaby grass was identified in the park and its growth encouraged. The Victorian Government’s North East Link Project now mocks the hope that “…over time this work will encourage an increase in biodiversity to the area.” Under hectares of base work and asphalt? No chance.

VicRoads even got into the act, along with Greening Australia and Boroondara Council to revegetate the park and so “helping teach children to care about and understand the environment…” Unfortunately, they transformed into adults.

This sign has been nearby on Wilburton Parade for some time. It preceded the arrival of the North East Link Project. But it is “on-message.” NELP would hate anything on site on the Koonung Creek Linear Park that would encourage the growth of vegetation.

Much more effective: This machine has been sawing down trees and depositing them into heaps. Very efficient – and silent , too.

The machine has been busy. Felled trees as far as the eye can see.